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The Boys season 2 has come to an end but eagle-eyed fans have noticed a touching tribute in episode 8’s end credits but just who was Andrew Jack?

Amazon’s The Boys totally turned the superhero genre on its head when it arrived on our screens in 2019.

This series is a far cry from Marvel’s cinematic universe and is filled with the bombastic action and more gore than most horror movies.

As such, moments of levity and heart are a rare sight in The Boys but the same can’t be said of season 2 episode 8 which featured a touching, albeit brief, tribute to Andrew Jack.

But just who was Andrew Jack and why did The Boys pay tribute to him?

Amazon Prime Video

The Boys season 2 on Amazon Prime Video

The Boys season 2 released on Amazon Prime Video on September 4th, 2020 and new episodes have been airing weekly since.

The new season has welcomed a host of new characters and story threads. Chief among them being Stormfront who quickly made a name for herself in the Seven and became one of the main antagonists of the series.

After eight episodes, we finally saw Stormfront and The Boys face-off in typically bombastic fashion with drastic consequences.

The Boys Season 2 – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video



The Boys Season 2 – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video




The Boys tribute: Who was Andrew Jack?

  • Andrew Jack was an actor and dialect coach who worked with Karl Urban on The Boys season 2.

Once the credits started to roll on season 2, fans were greeted by a touching, albeit brief, tribute to Andrew Jack.

The tribute simply read:

“In Memory Of Andrew Jack | 1944-2020”

Andrew Jack, who was born as Andrew Duncan Hutchinson in January 1944, was destined to work in the film and TV world as his father, Stephen Jack was an actor himself.

Andrew’s acting career began in 1957 and continued until his death on March 31st, 2020.

The actor and dialect coach passed away at the age of 76 from Covid-19.

On April 1st, the day after Andrew had passed, The Boys’ Karl Urban took to social media to pay tribute and revealed that the pair had been working together on The Boys season 2.

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Andrew Jack: Films and TV

Andrew Jack’s first-ever acting role came in 1957 as a schoolboy in the BBC comedy Whack-O !.

However, it was as a dialect coach where Andrew Jack’s career was focused and according to IMDb, he worked as a dialect coach on over 100 films.

His most notable work as a dialect coach included The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes films, Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond films and a number of movies in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Meanwhile, Andrew Jack’s most recognisable acting appearances came in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi where he played the character of Colonel (later General) Caluan Ematt.

The Boys season 2 is available to stream now in-full on Amazon Prime Video after episode 8 released on October 9th, 2020.

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