Who does Georgia end up with in Ginny & Georgia? Does she pick Zion or Mayor Randolph?

Ginny & Georgia introduces a host of love interests for Georgia but who does she end up in season 1? Does she choose Zion, Mayor Paul Randolph or even Joe?

Ginny & Georgia has been a smash hit since the series arrived on Netflix and features plenty of dramatic twists and turns.

During the series, the character of Georgia ends up in the middle of a love triangle with several potential partners.

But just who does Georgia end up with by the end of Ginny & Georgia season 1?

*Spoilers ahead*

Ginny & Georgia | Official Trailer | Netflix



Ginny & Georgia | Official Trailer | Netflix




Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

Ginny and Georgia arrived on Netflix on February 24th, 2021.

The series tells the story of angsty and awkward 15-year-old Ginny Miller, who feels more responsible than her dynamic and irresistible 30-year-old mother, Georgia.

After years on the move, Georgia is desperate for the burgeoning family to finally settle down but not long after they arrive in the picturesque New England town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts, Georgia’s troublesome past threatens to catch up with them.


Georgia’s love interests

Georgia is shown to have a number of potential partners and love interests during season 1.

The first of Georgia’s love interests we meet in Ginny & Georgia is her most recent husband, Kenny Drexel, whose funeral we see taking place in the opening moments of the first episode.

From what we know of Kenny, he was very wealthy and has a jealous family but he also took a shining to Ginny. In episode 1, we see Georgia catch a glimpse of Kenny getting a bit too up-close-and-personal with Ginny during a yoga session and in response, Georgia poisons him with wolfsbane, causing him to crash his car.

The next potential love interest to cross Georgia’s path is Joe, the owner of the Blue Farm cafe where Ginny finds work later in the series. While neither character realises at first, Joe and Georgia actually met years before and Joe gave Georgia a sandwich and pair of sunglasses at her lowest moment. By the end of season 1, Joe wants to admit his feelings for Georgia but can’t quite bring himself to speak.

Georgia’s quest for power sees her cross paths with Wellsbury’s mayor, Paul Randolph. The two quickly strike up a conversation at Joe’s cafe and over the course of the season, develop a relationship.

And finally, there’s Zion, Georgia’s ex-boyfriend and Ginny’s biological father. Zion returns to Ginny and Georgia’s lives in episode 7, just in time for Ginny’s 16th birthday. Will unresolved feelings between Georgia and Zion lead to more trouble?


Who does Georgia end up with?

  • Georgia ends up with Mayor Paul Randolph in season 1 of Ginny & Georgia.

Georgia strikes up a relationship with the mayor while working at his office in the run-up to his reelection campaign.

However, when Zion returns to Georgia’s life, her unresolved feelings lead to the pair sleeping together and Zion admits he wants to be part of their lives again.

Georgia admits this to Paul but he confesses that he knows more about Georgia than first though, she’s hungry for power and shouldn’t let her messy past get in the way.

To that end, Paul and Georgia get engaged by the end of season 1 while Zion leaves town once again.


Ginny & Georgia is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on February 24th, 2021.

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