Where was Sky One sci-fi series filmed?

Resident Alien arrives on Sky One and Syfy in January but just what filming locations were used in the Alan Tudyk series?

Have you ever wondered if aliens live among us?

Well, that’s exactly the premise of Sky One and Syfy’s new comedy-drama, Resident Alien.

The series tells the story of an alien who is forced to pose as a human and live among the residents of Patience, Colorado.

But just where was Resident Alien filmed and is the town of Patience Colorado a real place?

Resident Alien on Sky One and Syfy

Resident Alien lands on Sky One in the UK on January 28th, a day after its debut on Syfy in the US.

Based on the comic book series of the same name, Resident Alien tells the story of Hah Re (Alan Tudyk), an alien who has crash-landed on Earth and must blend in with the locals of Patience, Colorado by taking on the appearance of a doctor, Harry.

However, Harry’s role as a doctor means that he’s called upon to help work on a series murders and bizarre hijinks quickly ensue.

Sky One | SYFY

Is Patience, Colorado a real place?

  • No, the town of Patience, Colorado is not a real loction.

On top of that, the fictional town wasn’t even the original location of the series either.

In the original comics, Hah Re becomes a resident of Patience, Washington but the location of the town was moved to the central state of Colorado for the TV adaptation.

Sky One | SYFY

Resident Alien filming locations

  • Resident Alien was filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

Despite being set in the fictional Colorado town of Patience, Resident Alien was actually filmed in and around Vancouver.

Studio shooting took place at Sim Derwent Studio on the outskirts of Vancouver.

Meanwhile, the semi-rural town of Ladysmith on Vancouver Island played host to much of the series’ outdoor filming.

On top of that, several locations across British Columbia were used for filming including Britannia Beach, Sea-to-Sky Corridor, Rainbow Mountain and Pemberton Ice Cap.

According to IMDb, filming on the series took place between November 25th, 2019 to March 24th, 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic brought a halt to filming, delaying the series’ release date.

Filming was completed between September and October 2020.

Resident Alien lands on Sky One and Now TV on January 28th, 2021 following its debut on Syfy in the US on January 27th.

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