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The long awaited sequel to Borat is released today (23rd October) on Amazon Prime. Like the first installment, the second film accompanies Borat across America. But given Covid-19 circumstances, where was the movie shot?

It has been 14 years since the first mockumentary was released, and to this day, it is still known as Sacha Baron Cohen’s most notable role. His character as a Kazakh journalist, numb to American culture, had earned him a Golden Globe award for Best Actor.

Where was Borat 2 filmed?

Over the course of this year, Sacha has been spotted in several US cities filming for the sequel. It is likely that most scenes were filmed when lockdown restrictions were relaxed back in May 2020.

South Carolina: One of the scenes show Borat trying on halloween costumes and the store has been identified to be Halloween Highway in Greenville, South Carolina. The movie plans seemed to be kept under wraps the entire time as the store workers were not aware what film was being shot, and production staff refused to tell them.

The trailer also reveals that Sacha and his onscreen daughter Maria Bakalova, filmed in Carolina Women’s Health Center, an anti-abortion Christian pregnancy centre. Hilariously, they request for the removal of the daughter’s baby.

The Angels: A video on YouTube catches Sacha filming on the streets of Los Angeles in August 2020. Dressed in the Borat signature grey suit and donning a thick moustache, it confirms that the sequel was also shot in California.

Washington: The actor crashed a far-right rally in Olympia, Washington, dressed in a blue overalls and a cowboy hat, singing racist lyrics about politicians and Coronavirus. The June 2020 event was a ‘March for Our Rights’ rally but it still unconfirmed whether this prank was for Borat 2 or for other projects.

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