Where is the missing businessman Jack-ma? China’s state-run newspaper hinted at this

BEIJING: Reports that Jack Ma, one of China’s richest businessmen and one of the world’s richest men, has been missing for the past two months have caused a stir around the world. Jack Ma is the owner of Amazon. He was seen criticizing the policies of the Chinese government. However, China’s state-run newspaper has made an important gesture about the report of their disappearance and hinted at their whereabouts.

While speculation is rife about Jack Ma’s whereabouts, China’s state-run People’s Daily newspaper hints that Jack Ma is under government surveillance. He is reportedly being held incommunicado to prevent Jack Ma from leaving the country. .

According to media reports, the news of Jack Ma’s disappearance from his reality show did not come as a judge. It is being denied that Jack Ma, a member of the Chinese Communist Party, has been advised by the government not to leave the country. He is responsible for his feud with President Jinping and the controversy surrounding his company, Ali Pen.

The mobile payment platform Ali Penny was founded by Jack Ma 20 years ago. It is used by 730 million people. China’s state-run newspaper said last November that there would be no Jack Mano era. Jack Ma is intelligent but supports national policies. Without it, his company would not have been able to build such a large empire. Today, Jack does not believe in his influence or his popularity.

On the other hand, the government has also tightened the noose on Czech Mana Ant Group and ordered it to change the rules of its business. Ant Group is the world’s largest financial technology company. China’s central bank People’s Bank of China has also issued summons to Ant Group officials. An investigation into the monopoly in the Inter sector against the group has also been initiated.

Alibaba Group has lost Rs 80,000 crore in 2020 after government restrictions were lifted. One of the company’s IPOs has also been suspended. People’s Daily Akhbar says that Jack Mani’s popularity has skyrocketed since the IPO was suspended.

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