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The Walking Dead season 10 began in October 2019 but isn’t expected to end any time soon. But when is The Walking Dead season 10, episode 17 due to release?

The Walking Dead is one of the longest-running and best-loved TV series currently airing and despite passing its peak viewership, still picks up millions of viewers for each episode.

However, that has not made the series immune to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic which has dramatically changed the way the show is to release going forward.

After facing delays, episode 16 of season 10 finally aired on October 4th but fans have still been left wondering when The Walking Dead season 10, episode 17 will finally be released on AMC in the US and Fox in the UK.

The Walking Dead season 10

The Walking Dead season 10 began airing on AMC in the US way back in October 2019, when the thought of a global pandemic seemed almost impossible.

The 16-episode season was originally supposed to end on April 12th but owing to the lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, post-production on episode 16 could not be completed.

As a result, episode 16 was delayed and the release schedule of the show was restructured, meaning new episodes would be added to season 10.

But after episode 16 arrived on October 4th, fans have been left wondering when episode 17 and beyond will arrive on AMC.


When is episode 17 released?

  • The Walking Dead season 10, episode 17 will arrive in early 2021 although no exact release date has been announced.

While we know that episode 17 is coming, a release date for the new batch of episodes has not been announced.

When the extra episodes in season 10 were confirmed, Variety announced that the new episodes would arrive in early 2021.


How many episodes will season 10 have in total?

Originally, season 10 of The Walking Dead was due to have 16 episodes.

However, as the show will be extended by six episodes, season 10 will now feature 22 episodes in total.

On top of that, when the 11th and final season arrives on our screens in 2022, it also due to receive an extended run with a total of 24 episodes according to Deadline.

Episode 16 of The Walking Dead season 10 aired on October 4th on AMC while the release date of episode 17 is currently unknown.

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