When is the next episode on NBC?

This Is Us season 5 has endured an inconsistent release schedule since it began airing which has left fans asking when episode 9 is due to air on NBC.

Season 5 of This Is Us has been a welcome treat on our screens since it began airing in October, even if most episodes have left us in floods of tears.

The twists and turns of the Pearson family have been enthralling to watch and the previous few episodes have been up there with the best.

However, the show’s inconsistent release schedule has left fans wondering when episode 9 of This Is Us season 5 will air on NBC.


This Is Us season 5: Episode 8 recap

The interest in episode 8 of This Is Us season 5 was sky-high after the dramatic cliffhanger in episode 7, posing the question of whether or not Kevin would make it to the hospital in time for the birth of his and Madison’s twin babies.

It’s a question that looms over much of the episode as Randall and Beth – who are on their way back from New Orleans – keep Madison company via video call.

There’s a wonderful tribute to Nasir Ahmed in episode 8 too, the man responsible for creating the technology that allows us to make video calls today.

Meanwhile, Kate is keeping Ellie company as she prepares to give birth herself.

Thankfully, most of the episode progresses without too much complication as Kevin makes it back in time for the birth of his children which are named Nicholas and Frances, named after Kevin’s Uncle Nicky and Madison’s grandmother.

Outside the hospital, Toby befriends an old man who learns that his wife, Rose, is being allowed to return home after suffering heavily from Covid-19, thus inspiring Toby to give his new adoptive daughter, Hailey, the middle name of Rose.

Once the dust settles, Kate dubs the three new additions to the Pearson family “the new Big Three.”


When is episode 9 on NBC?

  • Episode 9 of This Is Us season 5 is scheduled to air on NBC at 9/8c on Tuesday, February 23rd.

Since This Is Us returned to our screens for season 5, it has endured an inconsistent release schedule to say the least.

Thanks to filming delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there was an almost month-long gap between episodes 6 and 7 and there were fears that there could be a similar gap between episodes 8 and 9.

While the promo at the end of episode 8 stated that the new episode will arrive “Next Tuesday [February 23rd]”, NBC’s website contradicted that by suggesting that This Is Us will return on March 9th instead.

Now, the release date confusion has been cleared up by This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman who confirmed that the episode will air on Tuesday, February 23rd via Twitter.

Amazingly, Dan also revealed that the edit for episode 9 was only completed on Friday, February 19th, just four days before the episode was due to air.

This Is Us season 5: Episode 9 preview

Titled The Ride, episode 9 of This Is Us season 5 promises to be a pivotal episode.

Little has been given away about the upcoming episode as the short synopsis reads: “A series of car rides propels the Pearsons towards new stages of their lives.”

While it doesn’t give much away, that synopsis teases big things in the episodes to come and the promo that aired after episode 8 shows a tired Jack drinking whiskey as he’s about to drive the family-filled car.

This Is Us season 5 continues with episode 9 on NBC at 9/8c on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021.

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