When is the next episode on Disney Plus?

WandaVision is proving to be even weirder than we ever imagined but when is the release time for episode 5? When is the next episode available to stream?

WandaVision always promised to be a wonderfully weird show and after four episodes, it’s proven to be just that.

The series began airing on Disney+ on January 15th, 2021 but not all episodes have been released at once.

Instead, only four episodes have been released at the time of writing, leaving fans to ponder the release time and date for WandaVision episode 5.

Official Trailer 2 | WandaVision | Disney+



Official Trailer 2 | WandaVision | Disney+




WandaVision on Disney+

WandaVision premiered on Disney+ on January 15th, 2021.

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is the first release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Spider-Man: Far From Home in July 2019.

The series centres on Wanda Maximoff and Vision, placing the two Avengers characters in a period sitcom setting, with each new episode taking place in a new decade.

However, while Wanda and Vision’s lives seem perfectly happy to begin with, not everything is as it seems.

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Episode 5 release time

  • Episode 5 of WandaVision arrives on Disney+ on February 5th at midnight Pacific Time in the US.

Just like with The Mandalorian, new episodes of WandaVision will release weekly on Disney+.

On top of that, new episodes will arrive at the same time around the world, midnight PT.

This means that fans hoping to catch the new episode as soon as it releases can tune in from 3am ET in the US, 8am here in the UK, 1:30pm in India and 7pm in Sydney, Australia.

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Last time: Episode 4

After beginning in joyous fashion in episodes 1 and 2, WandaVision’s sitcom style is steadily transforming into one heck of a mind-bending mystery.

After episode 3 saw Wanda banish Geraldine from their sitcom setting, it’s revealed that Geraldine is actually Monica Rambeau, the daughter of Maria Rambeau, friend of Captain Marvel and founder of SWORD.

The episode begins with Monica waking up after the Blip, learning that her mother passed away during the time between Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

She quickly returns to work and a simple missing-persons case turns into something far more supernatural as we see how she was pulled into the sitcom setting in the first place.

This sparks a huge investigation by SWORD and some familiar faces work out that Wanda is seemingly in control of the inexplicable TV show that has engulfed the mysterious town of Westview.

Marvel Studios | Disney+

WandaVision is available to stream now on Disney+ after premiering on January 15th, 2021.

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