When is episode 3 released? How many episodes in total?

Pose is back on FX for its long-awaited season 3 but after the double bill premiere on May 2nd, fans have been left asking when episode 3 will air.

It’s been almost two years since Pose last appeared on FX but the wait was worth it when season 3 began on May 2nd.

The new season arrived with a two-episode double bill to kick-start the new storyline.

However, after the captivating two-hour premiere, fans have been left asking when episode 3 of Pose season 3 will be airing on FX.

Pose season 3 on FX

Season 3 of Pose arrived on FX on Sunday, May 2nd, 2021.

The new season picks up the story in 1994 as the AIDS epidemic reaches fever pitch.

We rejoin Blanca in season 3 as she finds purpose working as a nurse’s aid at Roosevelt hospital alongside her new partner, Christopher. However, Blanca’s past rears its ugly head when a familiar patient is admitted.

On top of that, the House of Evangelista is forced to consider reassembling after Lemar becomes the father of the unruly House of Khan.


When is episode 3 released?

  • Episode 3 of Pose season 3 will air on FX at 10pm ET/PT on Sunday, May 9th, 2021.

On top of that, after episode 3 arrives on May 9th, episodes will continue airing FX in the same time slot on Sundays.

After airing on FX, episode 3 will be added to Hulu on May 10th with the new instalment being added to the streaming service at 3:01am PT and 6:01am ET.


How many episodes in total?

  • Pose season 3 will consist of seven episodes in total.

That’s right, after the double-episode premiere on May 2nd, there are five more episodes heading our way.

The seven-episode season length is Pose’s shortest with seasons 1 and 2 featuring eight and ten episodes respectively.

Prior to the new season’s release, it was announced that the new instalment would be Pose’s final season meaning the remaining episodes will be the last we see of these much-loved characters.

Season 3 of Pose continues on FX with episode 3 airing on Sunday, May 9th, 2021.

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