When is episode 3 on TV? Is the full series on BBC iPlayer?

Bloodlands has been airing on BBC One since February 21st but when will episode 3 be available to watch? Are all episodes on BBC iPlayer?

BBC One’s newest drama, Bloodlands, arrived on February 21st and looks set to enthral viewers over the next few weeks.

However, following the dramatic second episode, fans have been eager to see what happens next.

As a result, this has left many viewers asking when episode 3 will arrive on BBC One and whether or not episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer for fans to binge-watch.

Bloodlands: Trailer | BBC Trailers



Bloodlands: Trailer | BBC Trailers




Bloodlands on BBC One

Following on from The Serpent in BBC One’s Sunday slot, Bloodlands arrived on our screens on February 21st, 2021.

The four-episode series tells the story of DCI Tom Brannick (James Nesbitt) as a modern-day abduction is found to have very personal links with a case from 20 years before.

Brannick must confront a dangerous assassin known only as ‘Goliath’ who was responsible for the death of his wife.


When to watch episode 3

  • Bloodlands episode 3 will air at 9pm on Sunday, March 7th.

That’s right, fans hoping to watch episode 3 of Bloodlands will have to wait until the episode is broadcast on BBC One in a week’s time.

The same can be said for all four episodes in the series, meaning that fans will have to wait until March 14th to reach the end of Bloodlands.


Is Bloodlands on BBC iPlayer?

  • Episodes that have already been broadcast will be added to iPlayer but the whole series will not be added in one go.

As ever, fans will be able to watch previously broadcast episodes on BBC iPlayer, perfect for those who may have missed an episode or two.

However, fans hoping to binge-watch all episodes in the series, as they were able to with The Serpent, will be disappointed to learn that the whole Bloodlands series has not been made available in one binge-friendly bundle.


Bloodlands continues on BBC One on Sundays until March 14th and fans can catch up on any episodes missed on BBC iPlayer.

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