When is episode 2 on ITV? Fans can watch all episodes now!

The Bay is back on ITV for season 2 but when is episode 2 scheduled to air? Did you know that you can watch all episodes now?

ITV’s The Bay is back on our screens in January 2021 for its long-awaited second series.

The new instalment began airing on January 20th and wasted no time in enthralling fans with the brutal killing of lawyer Stephen Marshbrook.

But when is episode 2 of The Bay season 2 arriving on ITV? Did you know that fans can watch all six episodes now?

The Bay season 2 on ITV

Season 2 of The Bay arrived on ITV on January 20th, 2021.

The series starts with the brutal and professional murder of Stephen Marshbrook, who is shot dead in his own home in front of his 10-year-old son.

Lisa Armstrong, who was left disgraced at the end of season 1, is brought in to work on the case as a Family Liason Officer and must be on her best behaviour but quickly clashes with Med who was promoted following Lisa’s demotion last time out.


When is episode 2 on ITV?

  • Episode 2 of The Bay season 2 airs on ITV at 9pm on Wednesday, January 27th.

Following on from that, new episodes will continue to arrive on Wednesdays until the six-episode series comes to an end on February 24th.

The weekly release differs from ITV’s first major drama of 2021, The Pembrokeshire Murders, which released over three consecutive days.


You can watch all episodes now!

In total, season 2 of The Bay will consist of six episodes and new instalments will arrive once a week.

As a result, the series is expected to continue airing until February 24th.

However, if you don’t want to wait that long to watch the gripping series, all six episodes – and all of series 1 – are now available to stream right now via ITV Hub.

Season 2 of The Bay continues on Wednesdays on ITV while fans can watch the full second series now on ITV Hub.

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