When are the new episodes out on Hulu?

Solar Opposites returns to Hulu for season 2 on March 26th but when is the release time for the new batch of episodes? What time can fans watch?

After the world-conquering success of Rick and Morty, there has been a huge amount of huge excitement surrounding Justin Roiland’s latest project, Solar Opposites.

The alien-starring animation returns to Hulu for its second season on March 26th and looks set to see the Solar Opposites embark on a whole new set of adventures.

But just when is the Hulu release time of Solar Opposites season 2? What time will fans be able to watch?

Solar Opposites Season 2 Trailer (Official) | Hulu



Solar Opposites Season 2 Trailer (Official) | Hulu





Solar Opposites season 2 on Hulu

Season 2 of Solar Opposites arrives on Hulu on March 26th, 2021.

The animated sitcom tells the story of the titular Solar Opposites, a team of four aliens who have escaped their exploding homeworld only to land in suburban America.

Ever since they arrived on Earth, the makeshift family has been split on whether they enjoy their new Earth life or despise it with all their being.

In season 2, Korvo (Justin Roiland) finally appears to have rebuilt the family’s ship in preparation to leave but a catastrophic malfunction sees the Solar Opposites continue their adventures on Earth.


Solar Opposites season 2 release time

  • Season 2 of Solar Opposites is expected to arrive on Hulu at midnight Eastern Time on March 26th, 2021.

Unlike Netflix and Disney+, Hulu releases new content at midnight ET rather than PT.

As a result, that means fans in the Pacific time zone can watch Solar Opposites season 2 from 9pm on the day before, March 25th.

Outside of the US, where Hulu isn’t available, Solar Opposites season 2 will be airing on Disney+ in countries where Star is available from April 9th.


How many episodes in season 2?

  • Solar Opposites season 2 will consist of eight episodes in total.

The number of episodes in season 2 mirrors that total we saw in season 1.

On Hulu, all eight episodes are expected to release in one go while Disney+ viewers will get new episodes weekly from April 9th.

As well as a second season, Solar Opposites was renewed for season 3 in June 2020 and it’s been confirmed that the third instalment will consist of 12 episodes when it eventually arrives.


Solar Opposites season 2 arrives on Hulu on March 26th, 2021.

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