What’s the matter There were two and a half lakh Hindus and Sikhs living in this country, now only 700 survived!

Sikhs and Hindus who have lived in Afghanistan for generations are now constantly leaving the country. By 1990, the population of Sikhs and Hindus was 2.5 million. That has dropped to 700 today. He was tortured by the Taliban in the 1990s and is now being tortured by ISIS terrorists. Although India has very good relations with the Afghan government, it has not been able to provide security to these minorities.

Attacks are taking place on religious places

In Pakistan, Hindus and other minorities are being treated unfairly by the government. But the government in Afghanistan is not torturing Gujarati. The government on the other side cannot even provide protection. Terrorist attacks on Sikh and Hindu places of worship are on the rise. In March alone, 25 Sikhs were killed in an attack on a Gurudwara.

First the Taliban now ISIS

Although ISIS terrorists have been weakened in many countries, they have gained ground due to the unstable government in Afghanistan and the Taliban rule in some provinces. Many Sikhs and Hindus were born in Afghanistan, but now they have to leave the country. As a result, these two communities are migrating to countries where space is available, including India.

The fatwa was issued by the Taliban in 1990

In the 1990s, the Taliban issued a fatwa mandating that every Sikh and Hindu wear a yellow bandage. But the decision could not be implemented due to worldwide opposition.

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