WHAT: You have to pay tax on these 5 things in the world, you too will be shocked to hear the name!

Citizens of almost every country in the world pay TAX to the government according to their income. Apart from that, the government of each country also levies a tax on the sale and purchase of goods at a fixed rate. All the citizens of the country should pay the tax levied by the government. Because, this is very necessary for the development of the country, but you will be surprised to know that many countries are taxing to buy a piece of ice or even a cart. Today we are going to tell you about the weirdest poor tax in the world. You too will be annoyed to know about them.

Strange tax

  • In Arizona, USA, people also have to pay tax on the purchase of an ice block. However, there is no tax if people buy ice cubes.
  • People also have to pay tax to buy or sell playing cards in Alabama, USA. Buyers have to pay 10 per cent per ‘Tashni Gaddi’ while sellers have to pay a fee of Rs 71 along with Rs 213 for an annual license. However, this tax only applies to buyers of 54 cards or less.
  • Tattooing has become a hobby among the youth these days, but if you have to pay taxes to the government to get a tattoo on your body, will it cost you money? Let me tell you, in the US state of Arkansas, people have to pay 6% sales for tattoos.
  • Have you ever thought that you might even have to pay taxes to flush the toilet? So something similar happens in Maryland, USA. The government here levies a tax of around Rs 355 per month on the use of toilet flush. However, this money is spent on cleaning the drains.
  • Have you ever heard that you have to pay tax for pumpkins too? So let’s face it, this is what happens in New Jersey. People here also have to pay tax to buy pumpkins.

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