WHAT: Thin girls in this country are rejected for marriage!

Every place in the world has its own trends regarding marriage, which also reflects the culture of the place. However, there are some of these traditions that are surprising to know about. A similar tradition exists in Mauritania, located in the western part of North Africa. Here the girls should be thick (fat) for the wedding, for which they are given special food and fed.

Thin girl is not preferred

Mauritania is a country where girls are fed more than boys. If a girl cannot make her body fat by the age of marriage, then it becomes difficult for her to find a groom. Indeed, obesity is seen here as an addition to prosperity and beauty. On the other hand, if the girl is thin, she is considered poor and unlucky.

More food is forcibly given from an early age

Fatening farms are run here to replenish body fat, where girls are sent from the youngest age of 5-7 years. The women working in this farm force-feed the young women who come to them from morning till night so that they can gain weight.

More than 1000 calorie rich foods are given in a day

To make the girls fat, they are given rice, olive oil, dates, gruel, goat’s or camel’s milk daily. After eating the girls have to rest and then they are fed again. They are also not allowed to do much physical activity. They are given more than 1000 calories in a day.

Adherence to this tradition has now declined

Things have changed a lot now, according to a report from the Mauritania Ministry of Health. There are very few people who are still following this tradition. Instead, both men and women prefer to stay thin and healthy.

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