WHAT: The person trying to catch the snake fell heavily, suddenly a python came in front and then what happened

Snakes are a creature that makes good people break a sweat. There are many species of snakes, including small snakes, pythons and cobras. Have you ever thought that you are standing in the water and suddenly a dragon comes in front of you? Today we are going to show you one such video, which will blow your mind and increase your heartbeat. A similar video is going viral on social media. In the video a man is standing near the slope and trying to catch a snake swimming in the water and keep it on the slope. Then a python slips and the man jumps into the water in fear. This video is very scary and you can’t believe your eyes for some time. This video is of 20 seconds and it shows a man standing on a black slope and there is a snake in the water which this boy is trying to catch and bring to the slope. Then a big python comes slipping from above. The man is frightened to see it and jumps into the water. The video has been viewed by over 3.5 million people so far.

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