WHAT: In Corona, those who do not wear masks get a unique punishment, this work has to be done for the dead!

Corona worldwideThe transition has wreaked havoc, and until the vaccine arrives, all organizations, including the World Health Organization, have made it a rule to wear masks and observe social disinfection. However, despite millions of deaths, people are not taking the Koro transition seriously. Indonesia has announced a different type of punishment for wearing the same mask for such people. The administration of Indonesia’s East Java province has ordered the exhumation of graves of people who died from the corona virus as punishment for not wearing masks. Eight people from East Java’s Gersic Regency have been sentenced for digging graves in a public cemetery in the nearby village of Nobbaton after being banned from wearing masks. Incidentally, no one here is allowed to attend the funeral of a Corona patient. Since then it has become very difficult to find grave diggers. “We have a shortage of grave diggers, so those who break the rules will be employed,” said Suneo, head of the Korm district. He hopes that in the future, people will not make the mistake of not wearing a mask because of this punishment. So far, two people have been ordered to dig graves, he said. Let us know that 218,382 cases of Corona virus have been reported in Indonesia so far. In the capital Jakarta, 54,220 people have been infected, while 38,088 patients have been found in East Java. In Indonesia, on the other hand, the death toll from corona has risen to 8,723.

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