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While Netflix is constantly introducing new series to the streaming platform, this month a fan favourite will be leaving the site, and users are unimpressed.

“Person of Interest” is a crime thriller which debuted in 2011 and produced five seasons over five years.

Fans of the show are searching for new places to watch the show now that it has been removed from Netflix as of September 22nd.

What happened to Person of Interest on Netflix?

According to Pop Culture, Person of Interest was removed from Netflix’s Streamer’s Catalogue on Tuesday 22nd September 2020.

All five seasons were removed, which has left plenty of fans frustrated and upset over their favourite show being taken off the streaming platform.

Person of Interest was a CBS drama which aired between 2011 and 2016, which over 100 episodes spread throughout five seasons.

The show, which is an American science fiction crime drama, told the story of an ex-CIA agent teaming up with a programmer to detect crimes before they happen.

Where can you watch Person of Interest now?

According to What’s On Netflix, despite the fact the series aired on CBS, the show is actually made and distributed by Warner Brothers Television.

Therefore it appears possible that Person of Interest could move over to HBO Max later on.

Person of Interest is still available on other streaming platforms, although you will have to pay to watch it. For example, Amazon Prime is somewhere you can watch Person of Interest, but a season of the series will cost you $23.99.

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