What happened to Jane Andrews after prison? Fergie’s Killer Dresser explored

What happened to Jane Andrews after prison? The documentary Fergie’s Killer Dresser has arrived on ITV, but where is she now?

A number of intriguing documentaries have graced the screen so far in 2021 and one of the latest to earn discussion is Fergie’s Killer Dresser: The Jane Andrews Story.

It aired on ITV on Wednesday, March 3rd 2021 at 9 pm and delved into the case of the titular Grimsby college student turned dresser for the Royals.

Jane Andrews began working as Sarah, Duchess of York’s personal dresser in 1988 after reading an advert in The Lady magazine. The pair got on very well until things took a very sinister turn.

In 2001, Andrews was convicted of murdering her partner – Tom Cressman – at their home in Fulham, West London. She served eight years in East Sutton Park open prison and was later sent to Holloway, a London prison, before being released on licence in 2015.

So, what happened to Jane Andrews after prison?

still from ”The Killer Dresser’: Brother Of Victim Murdered By Fergie’s Aide | This Morning’, ITV, YouTube

What happened to Jane Andrews after prison?

After Andrews was released on license in 2015, Bustle notes that she was actually sent back to prison in 2018 after breaching her license terms. She was accused of harassing a married man and then resided at Wakefield’s New Hall’s Prison before being released on bail to a hostel one year later.

Since then, she has adopted a different name and began to work a couple of part-time jobs. Andrews was then allegedly contacted by ITV’s Martin Bashir regarding the ITV documentary. Julie Bindel – co-founder of the law reform group Justice for Women – explained that her former identity hadn’t been known until this request, although ITV denies that Bashir visited Andrews’ address.

After her identity became known, she reportedly lost her jobs.

As for where she has worked, she was seen stacking shelves at a Morrison’s branch in November 2020. More recently, on the other hand, the Grimsby Telegraph highlights that she was seen shopping in Lincolnshire, ahead of Fergie’s Killer Dresser airing.

Fergie’s Killer Dresser: Where is Jane Andrews now?

After allegedly being contacted about the documentary, Andrews revealed that she was immediately worried: “I was horrified. I knew it would drag everything up again, just as my life was settling down into something like normality.”

Its looming release had her feeling “wracked with dread”, and she provided her reasoning for the concern, suggesting “the consequences for me could be dire.”

Nevertheless, ITV has reinforced that the piece of work “will be a very fair and balanced piece of journalism, examining in good faith whether the trial would have been heard in the same way if it happened now.”

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