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What happened to Days of Our Lives on NBC? Fans have been concerned about the show’s fate since episodes failed to air on Thursday and Friday.

There is plenty of drama escalating in the world right now and it’s safe to say that we all prefer to witness things falling apart in soaps instead.

Films have been a saviour when it comes to providing escapism throughout a troubled 2020 and TV has been one better, offering audiences more time away from the world beyond their doors.

However, there’s just something that much more comforting about a soap.

They boast characters we’ve spent more time with than we can even fathom. These creations become friends of sorts that we’re able to drop in on regularly.

So, you don’t half notice when they’re not around and this has been the case for Days of Our Lives.

Created by Ted and Betty Corday, the soap first arrived in 1965, which makes it one of the longest running shows in TV history.

While avid viewers aren’t used to missing episodes, this week it has been unavoidable…

still from “Days of Our Lives”, Corday Productions et al., IMDb

What happened to Days of Our Lives on NBC?

  • Days of Our Lives did not air on Thursday, September 17th and Friday, September 18th 2020. Not to worry though, as fans can expect their favourite characters to return soon.

As highlighted by WSLS 10 News, the beloved show will be back on air from Monday, September 21st 2020.

As for why it was cancelled, NBC is ensuring there is enough free time in the schedule to screen coverage of the PGA Tour.

The golf tournament takes place across the weekend from Thursday, September 17th to Sunday, September 20th 2020.

So, you’ll only be missing two days to ensure adequate time is made for PGA enthusiasts to tune in to the big event.

At least it’s not cancelled!

In November 2019, there were concerns that Days of Our Lives would be cancelled.

TVLine reported that the show’s producers released the performers from their contracts, leading fans to speculate that the end may be near.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case at all!

As noted by Deadline this January, NBC renewed it for a triumphant 56th season. Indeed, audiences should’ve known, as two weeks prior NBC Chairman Paul Telegdy commented: “Of course Days of Our Lives is going to carry on. We love it…. I know that will be good news for the fans.”

It was good news, and hearing it’ll be back in no time sure is too.

The fans weren’t happy

Inevitably, some viewers flocked to Twitter in confusion after Thursday’s episode failed to grace their screens.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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