What happened to Catherine on Hawaii Five-0? Finale explained

What happened to Catherine on Hawaii Five-0? Let’s get what happened to the character explained and address her eventual return.

With some finally tucking into the Hawaii Five-0 season 10 finale, audiences are casting their mind back to consider what happened to Catherine.

Servinas a reboot of the series of the same name, this American police procedural premiered on CBS back in 2010 and was wrapped up with season 10 in April 2020, bringing things to a close with its 240th episode.

The season ended with Steve McGarrett leaving the island and boarding a plane. However, on board he sits next to Catherine Rollins (played by Michelle Borth), former Navy Intelligence officer and girlfriend.

“Hey sailor,” she says, suggesting something between them will continue.

So, what happened to Catherine on Hawaii Five-0?

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What happened to Catherine on Hawaii Five-0?

Looking back on Catherine’s place in Hawaii Five-0, she was a recurring presence from seasons 1 to 6 but became a main character from seasons 3 to 4. In later seasons she would show up every so often.

As highlighted by Republic World, it remains uncertain why Michelle took such a significant backseat in seasons after the fourth, although they speculate it may have been influenced by the fan reaction to the character.

Explaining her absence, we learn that she would remain in Afghanistan, devoting her time to search for the son of the man who saved her life.

Following on from that, she turned up at such events as Kono and Adam’s wedding, and she would then leave McGarrett soon after.

So, ushering her back into the fold seemed like an unlikely route to take for the finale. However, it was always the plan…

Peter M. Lenkov on bringing back Michelle Borth

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov explained why he brought back Catherine for the finale.

“… she’s always been the endgame for me… There are fans that love her and fans that don’t love her, but with the fans that don’t love her, I think there’s a little bit of not understanding her motivation,” he said. “She’s a soldier, and for her, that soldier mentality is always ‘God and country’ comes first, and at that the sacrifice of everything else.”

Continuing to explain the decision and why it made sense to bring her back, he added:

“I think leaving Steve and the things she’s done to perhaps hurt him weren’t by choice. She has always loved him, and he’s always loved her and always felt complete with her. For me, those two being together was always the endgame. The idea of Steve and Danny on those chairs, looking out at the ocean, was always in the cards as well. That friendship will always be there, those two guys will grow old together.”

As for Steve’s fate, he included: “But the idea of Steve having a family for himself, being a grandfather, being all the things that his father and grandfather was, that was always in the cards for him.”

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