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Honour arrived on ITV in September 2020 but viewers have been left with questions about Banaz Mahmod’s mother, Behya Mahmod.

Thanks to the delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been starved of new drama series arriving on ITV for months.

However, as September has come around, that has changed as we’ve seen a host of new series arrive on the channel including Des, The Singapore Grip and now, Honour.

Honour, which stars Keeley Hawes tells the story of Banaz Mahmod’s murder at the hands of her own family.

The opening episode of the drama introduces the main figures in Banaz’s family, including her mother.

But just who was Banaz Mahmod’s mother and did she have any involvement in her daughter’s death?

Honour on ITV

Honour arrived on ITV on September 28th, 2020.

The two-part drama, shown over two nights, tells the story of Banaz Mahmod’s murder at the hands of her own family.

The story centres on DCI Caroline Goode, played by Ashes to Ashes star Keeley Hawes, as she looks to get to the bottom of Banaz Mahmod’s disappearance and murder.


Banaz Mahmod’s mother in Honour

Banaz Mahmod’s mother, Behya Mahmod, is seen briefly in Honour’s opening episode when police officers come to question her husband, Mahmod Babakir Mahmod.

Behya, who is played by actress Fisun Burgess (Casualty), doesn’t speak a word of dialogue in the opening episode, something which Stylist describes as “a bid to protect her husband” and that she is “caged by her husband, his brother and community.”

According to The Sun, the real Behya was apparently told of the decision to have Banaz killed but broke rank by telling Banaz of the plot, something which caused Banaz to go to the police, setting off the chain of events we see in Honour.


Where is Behya Mahmod now?

The location of Behya Madmod in 2020 is unknown.

Unlike Banaz’s father, uncle and three cousins, her mother was never implicated in her murder and while the four men are still serving life sentences in prison, she was never charged for a crime.

When the case of Banaz’s murder was brought to trial, Behya didn’t appear as a witness as officers believed that she could have done more to help save her daughter according to The Sun.

Banaz’s sister, Bekhal, who we meet in Honour, did appear at the trial but had to do so anonymously and according to the Daily Mail, has had no contact with her mother, brother or sisters since the incident in the fear that something similar could happen to her.

Honour concludes on Tuesday, September 29th on ITV while the opening episode is available to stream now on ITV Hub.

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