WHAT: Girl underwent surgery to get her favorite body, but something happened that lost these two special organs

If you have a problem with any part of your body, such as the mouth, the lips, or something else, you can fix it. People are getting it fixed by surgery. There are also many people who resort to plastic surgery to make their favorite changes in their body. There are some people who have lip surgery if they do not like their lips. There are also some people who undergo plastic surgery for their favorite changes in their body. But that doesn’t necessarily mean plastic surgery every timeBe successful. One such shocking incident has happened in England. Where a woman underwent plastic surgery to change her breasts. But instead of this surgery the woman had to lose both her breasts.

Breast implant surgery to increase size

Zara Rodriguez, 28, was not happy with her body. In it he thought of a breast implant and a reduction in belly fat. He arrived in the Turkish capital, Istanbul, in August 2019 for surgery. Arriving here, he gave a clinic about 5 thousand pounds, i.e. about 65 thousand rupees. Zara wanted to increase the size of both her breasts. She underwent surgery. The surgery lasted 7 hours. Zara returned from Istanbul to her home in Wiltshire, southwest England. But after coming here, his troubles continued.

The infection continued to leak into both breasts

Zara’s left breast began to leak due to an implant infection. At the same time, problems started in the right breast. Zara later posted photos of both her breasts on Instagram. Whose condition had worsened. The Istanbul-based clinic later talked about re-fixing Zara’s breast implants. Where he underwent surgery.

Both the breasts had to be removed as the operation failed again

She went there and had a breast implant again. But after doing this, when she reached home, the same problems started as before. He then called the clinic but he stopped picking up Zara’s phone. He then removed both breast implants in England. But at the same time he lost both his breasts.

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