What did Tully do to Kate in Firefly Lane? Sarah Chalke talks Netflix cliffhanger!

Firefly Lane fans are confused over the huge cliffhanger between Tully and Kate in the final episode. Some viewers have theories but bear in mind that we’re about to reveal some major spoilers.

Netflix has upped its portfolio of original series and 2021 is looking bright for the streaming platform after a number of Golden Globe nods.

More recently, viewers have raced through the first season of Firefly Lane, an American drama series created by Maggie Friedman and based on Kristin Hannah’s novel of the same name.

But many people have been left confused over the show’s season one finale, leaving them with one important question: “What happened between Tully and Kate?”

Let’s have a look, but look away now if you haven’t watched the series yet!


Tully and Kate in the final episode

If you already binge-watched the series, you know that the season one finale ends on a huge cliffhanger.

Firefly Lane fast forwards a few years in the future and reveals that something happened between besties Tully and Kate and they are not friends anymore.

This has left many fans heartbroken who have called their friendship “massive goals” and “inseparable”.

But what exactly could have happened between Tully and Kate? Some viewers have speculated that their storyline might refer to the novel.

Firefly Lane | Official Trailer | Netflix



Firefly Lane | Official Trailer | Netflix




What did Tully do to Kate in Firefly Lane?

In the Firefly Lane novel, Kate and Tully’s friendship falls out after Tully invites Kate and Kate’s daughter Marah on her daytime talk show. Kate and Marah have a bad relationship and Kate seeks the help of Tully.

While Tully invites Kate and Marah to talk through their problems, things go terribly as Kate is pictured as a terrible mom in front of viewers at home.

This leads to Kate and Tully’s fallout and the two don’t speak for years.

However, even though this is what happened in the novel, creators of the show are yet to confirm if they will go with the same storyline.

Sarah Chalke shares her thoughts

Actress Sarah Chalke, who plays Kate on the Netflix series, has offered her thoughts about the storyline.

Speaking to The Wrap, she said that she’s also curious to find out what is the one thing that has affected Kate and Tully’s friendship so badly. But she doesn’t know if Firefly Lane’s showrunner will choose the novel storyline or come up with something else.

“I don’t even know, to be 100% honest, what the actual last straw is,” Sarah said. “I know what it is in the book, but I don’t know if Maggie [Friedman, showrunner] will choose to use that or something else, if we’re lucky enough to get to continue for another season.”

She added: “I’m so curious what it is. You see so many of the things that they get through. Their bond is so strong and they are so loyal to each other; it seems like they can overcome anything. I’m so curious to find out like, What is it? What is that one thing?”

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