What are the main reasons for BJP’s grand victory in Gujarat Assembly by-elections?

In the 8-seat by-election in the state, the BJP has won all the seats. Before the results, the BJP was likely to lose in some seats. But the BJP has overcome all obstacles and achieved an easy victory. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind the grand victory of the BJP.


BJP’s move succeeded

In the Gujarat by-elections, the BJP has won all the 8 seats. The BJP was likely to lose some seats before the by-election results. But the BJP’s propaganda strategy and the independents breaking the Congress vote have stopped the damage that was to be done to the BJP.

Success in winning these seats under Patil’s leadership

State President CR Patil took direct responsibility for the Kaprada, Dang and Gadda seats. And Patil adopted a strategy with aggressive propaganda. As well as taking responsibility for resolving the local issue, the BJP has won all the three seats. This time the BJP got the votes it did not get at the Gadda seat in 2017. Atmaram Parmar has a Surat connection and for the Gadda seat it is said that defeat or victory here is decided by the Patidars of Surat.

Patidar voters remained decisive in these seats

Apart from this, Patidar voters also remain decisive in the Dhari and Morbi seats. And this time the BJP has captured Patidar votes in both Dhari and Morbi seats. Along with campaigning in both the seats, the BJP held meetings with the leaders of the Patidar community and won the votes. So in the Limbdi seat, the BJP fielded Minister Kunwarji Bawaliya to get the highest number of Koli voters. And by winning over the Koli voters, the BJP also made it easy to win in Limbdi. The BJP fielded Kirit Singh Rana, who has been contesting elections here for years, so as to win the trust of the people.

Minister of State for Home Affairs wins Karjan seat

Pradipsinh Jadeja was given the responsibility of winning the Karjan seat. And with Pradip Singh campaigning and resolving local issues, the BJP also captured the Karjan seat. Thus, the BJP has already laid the foundation for an easy victory in all the seats in the forthcoming local body elections and the 2022 Assembly elections.

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