What after death? Secrets after life shared by a young man who died in an attack in Syria

After evolving as the smartest species on earth, the phenomenon of human death is always a surprise. Citing religious textbooks, spiritualists often argue that human life in its present physical form is only temporary, and that the soul resides in another dimension after death. Giving further proof to this theory, a young man named Hazim shared his posthumous experiences in which he claimed to have seen a new global dimension. Hazim, a Syrian citizen, shared his near-death experience on the Testimonial NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website. Hazim wrote his experiences in Arabic, which was later translated into English by Ahmed Hassa. In which he wrote that he claimed to have reached a dimensional time he had never seen before. “I suddenly saw myself in a cosmic dimension. I was in some space above the pink clouds where huge metal circles were circling around the skyscrapers. There were intimate figures talking to the telepath, that is, to the waves of the mind. One of them ordered the other and said, ‘Erase her memory and prepare a new body for her’. The way it happens in reincarnation. We were then placed in a huge circular circle of metal and it began to spin. Then my memory slowly began to fade. ” Hazim wrote on NDERF’s website after he heard an unknown voice saying that his time in the material world was not over. Send him back because he still has a lot of work to do. Hazim added that at the time he had completely left his body and made it clear that the experience was neither pleasant nor sad. However, he also said that his thoughts were faster than usual at the time. Sam Pernia is a high-profile expert scientist who has devoted his entire life to the study of near-death experiences. According to him, when the human brain stops working, it becomes unconscious to the outside world. Which in simple words is called the death of human life. Pernia believes that hallucinations are associated with near-death experiences and not with evidence of life after death. According to Pernia, the human brain tries to survive when it is in danger, resulting in a strange state of hallucinations.

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