WHAT: 200 prisoners stripped naked at once and escaped from the jail, even the army kept watching!

The African country of Uganda has been accused of escaping from prisons. In Uganda, 200 prisoners have escaped naked. It is said that these inmates first overpowered the security guards of the jail and later took off their clothes and escaped. In fact, the prisoners are given yellow clothes and they are afraid that the army will catch them again. That is why all the prisoners took off their clothes and threw them away. The jailbreak has fallen in the northeastern part of the country. The security forces are searching for the prisoners. That being said, these prisoners have escaped to a wild area of ​​the country. Prisoners and security personnel opened fire after escaping from the jail, killing one soldier and another prisoner. The incident took place on Wednesday after escaping from the jail. The prison is located near an army camp in the Moroto district. An army spokesman said the prisoners had captured a warden on duty. He said that the inmates in the jail were notorious criminals who were lodged in the jail on the charge of smuggling animals. They have taken off their clothes and fled so that no one can catch them, for which an investigation is currently underway to find them. He warned that the inmates could storm the clothing store.

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