Viral Video: When a bull shark and a giant crocodile encounter, find out what happened next

New Delhi: Australia’s video is going viral on social media. This shocking video shows the moment of drone footage while a large crocodile is facing a bull shark in Australia.

According to English media reports, Chelsea and Bryce were fishing near Ivanhoe Crossing in Coonoor, when he saw a moving camera in the water, he set up a drone camera, in which a crocodile and a bullshark a few feet away were facing each other. The crocodile was about 16 feet tall, according to Newsweek.

Footage of the video has gone viral on social media, with the two confronting each other for a while. But there is no fight between the two. The bull shark moves towards the crocodile, then changes its route and escapes.

More than 1.6 lakh views

The video has been viewed more than 1.6 lakh times on YouTube. However this video is from last month. But recently it has gone viral. Because, it is being reposted on many social media platforms.

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