Vijay Shivtare turning a blind eye to government hospitals for the benefit of the leaders’ respective hospitals

Purandar: The government hospitals and covid centers in Purandar taluka are being deliberately neglected. Millions of rupees are billed in private hospitals if the patient needs a ventilator. In Purandar taluka, there are two dispensaries at Saswad and Jejuri related to leaders. Former Minister of State Vijay Shivatare has said in a press release that people are beginning to express doubts that ventilators are not being provided in government hospitals for their financial gain.

Shivtare tried to improve patient care when the situation in Corona in Purandar taluka became explosive. He will also meet Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray in the next few days. Regarding this, Shivtare said, people are dying in agony. The human soul is struggling for every breath. If there is a ventilator, the bills are going to two and a half lakh houses. Since the common man cannot afford to pay that much, I have been trying for several days to get ventilators installed at Saswad and Jejuri rural hospitals. Saswad Rural Hospital also had two or three ventilators but now there is no expert doctor, anesthesiologist and staff to handle the ventilators. The wife of a well-known newspaper vendor in the city died after failing to get a ventilator on time. Many of them had to say goodbye to the world. All of these things are painful. If I do anything for the poor, their business will be ruined. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Shivtare also said in a press release that if the ventilator facility at Saswad Rural Hospital is not switched on in the next two days, the matter will have to be brought to the notice of the Chief Minister and the Health Minister.

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