Varanasi: Fish found in the Ganges found in South America, scientists fear

New Delhi: The discovery of a sucker mouth catfish in the Amazon River in South America, thousands of kilometers away in the Ganges River in Varanasi, is being hailed as a more astonishing phenomenon. This phenomenon is also a cause for concern for scientists.

Sailors found strange fish in the river Ganga passing near Ramna in Ramnagar in Varanasi. Fish scientists at BHU have identified it as a sockmouth catfish found in the Amazon River in South America. Scientists have expressed concern that this fish is carnivorous and also a threat to our ecosystem.

Although the rivers have many secrets in their depths, a team of Ganga guards engaged in the rescue and rescue of dolphins at Ramna village in Ramnagar, Varanasi at the time found a wonder in the form of fish when not only the river Ganga, but all over India and South Asia.

Strange-mouthed fish are found thousands of kilometers away in the Amazon River in South America. Darshan Nishad, a Ganga watcher working for the conservation of aquatic animals associated with the Wildlife Institute of India and the Namami Ganga project, said he found the exotic fish for the second time during the conservation of dolphins. The first golden-colored fish, identified by the Indian Wildlife Institute as the sackmouth catfish found in the American Amazon River, has once again been found.

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