US: Johnson & Johnson seeks approval for emergency use of single dose corona vaccine

WASHINGTON: Pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson on Thursday sought approval from U.S. regulators for emergency use of the corona vaccine. The company’s single dose vaccine has been shown to be effective against corona in global tests.

In a statement to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Johnson and Johnson’s chief cytographic officer, Paul Stoffels, said: May be approved in the US. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have already been approved for emergency use. The need to accelerate vaccination is felt due to the spread of virus types.

The company said 66 percent is effective

FDA officials said outside experts would discuss the matter on February 26. The company announced last week that the vaccine is 66 percent effective in global tests. It provided better protection against serious cases, which is 85 percent effective. None of the vaccinators were hospitalized and no deaths were reported. The case was also tried in South Africa, where the type of virus changed.

The data has not been peer-reviewed or published, but the FDA will carefully review its external panel of scientists and experts. Safety and effectiveness will be tested for emergency use.

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