U.S. A big blow to the mission of the space company SpaceX, the rocket broke during the landing

Musk, a private space company owned by US entrepreneur Alom Brain, crashed during a landing on Tuesday. It was launched from SpaceX’s rocket facility in Texas. The incident is a major setback for the American space company, the Moon and Mars missions. This is the second major setback for the US space company in two months. The tarship rocket test was tested two months ago, but this test also failed. The rocket exploded after the test. The landing speed increased after the launch. It turned into a fireball after hitting the ground.

The non-ten steel rocket was found after reaching its desired altitude of 10 km. During the boom it seemed that everything was going well, but at the time of landing the rocket could not straighten itself. This caused an explosion. John Inspu Tex, who was associated with SpaceX after the incident, said that now we have to do a little work on landing technology. SpaceX tried to launch Starship last week, but could not get the necessary approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. Musk expressed displeasure on Twitter. The point is that the space company is developing a star to carry passengers to the planet Mars.

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