Two brothers have been charged with inciting nephew to commit suicide

Phaltan (Representative) – Vidani Ta. Sanket Sanjay Shirke, 22, of Phaltan (Shirkemala) left home on Thursday 13th at around 5 am saying that he was going to exercise and committed suicide by hanging himself with a nylon rope in a cattle barn next to his house.

Before committing suicide, Sanket had taken out a video clip on his mobile and mentioned the names of two persons in it. In this regard, Sanket’s father Sanjay Gajanan Shirke, 50, showed the video clip from the mobile to the police officer.

Our brother-in-law Rajendra Sampat Shirke, (Teacher) Suresh Sampat Shirke and Dhananjay Sampat Shirke had a quarrel about a month ago. .

In this case, my son was deliberately arrested on false charges with the intention of ruining his career. In a video clip on his mobile before committing suicide, Sanket mentioned that Raju Ann Suresh had ruined my career by filing a false case against me and that I could not get a job because of which I was committing suicide.

Sanjay Gajanan Shirke, 50, father of Rajendra Sampat Shirke and Suresh Sampat Shirke has been booked at Phaltan Rural Police Station for inciting Sanket to commit suicide. Rajendra Sampat Shirke and Suresh Sampat Shirke have been arrested for questioning. Police Inspector Nitin Sawant of Phaltan Grameen is conducting the investigation.

Sanket was a brilliant engineer graduate and had a pleasant disposition. His departure has come as a shock to the Min Mandali relatives and has caused a lot of grief to the Shirke family.

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