Tweak / Now you also have to pay to watch the news, this government has approved this new rule

To clarify that in the draft law, the Australian government said Research That being said, Google and Facebook will pay publishers for the news without a per click on the news link. A government StatementThese legal changes have been shown in the specification and technical research. Google has already given up on the Australian government’s tough stance. Now Facebook is also guaranteed for that now.

Initially, when the Australian government took a hard line on the rules, Facebook also took a hard line. And some of the pays there, including the Australian weather department, were closed. After which the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morris spoke about this from the PM of India and Canada. After which Facebook agreed to communicate. Australian ministers met last week with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Alphabet Inc. chief and Google
The executive officer had a discussion with Sundar Pichai.

The current session of Parliament, the Conservative Government of Australia, has enacted the ‘News Media Bargaining Code’ (News Media Bargaining Code) on 25 February. The opposition center-left Labor Party agreed on Tuesday to support the bill, paving the way for its passage in the Senate. But the government may have to accept some reform suggestions in the Senate. Indeed, the ruling party does not have a majority in the Senate.

Google and Facebook were protesting

Google and Facebook, which account for 81 per cent of online advertising in Australia, condemned the bill. Google has threatened that if the bill is introduced, its (Google’s) search engine will not be available in Australia. Facebook also hinted that it would be banned from showing the news to Australians if it was forced to pay for the news.

What are these laws

The purpose of this law is to break the dominance of digital giants in bargaining and to become a moderation committee. Who will have the right to make a legally binding decision about the price. The committee will generally accept the best offer from a digital platform or publisher and rarely set a price between them. This will prevent digital platforms and media business from making unrealistic demands.

In addition to the unit amount paid to publishers for arbitration, the new amendments will also make it clear that the committee will also consider the costs of digital forums and news businesses.


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