Trump’s good news about the corona vaccine is now a big announcement

Washington: After Russia, the United States has now announced good news about the corona vaccine. During a press conference at the White House, President Donald Trump said that the American company Johnson & Johnson has achieved another success in vaccinating Covid-19. The company claims that the volunteers who were vaccinated have reached the final stage of clinical trials.

Trump said Thursday, Sept. 24, that Johnson & Johnson Company announced that their volunteer vaccine had reached the final stages of clinical trials. This is the fourth U.S. volunteer to reach the final stage of the trial. Trump has urged other U.S. citizens to come forward to register for the vaccine trial. During this time, Trump also said that he was pushing for the fastest economic reform in American history.

Our approach is pro-science, Biden’s is anti-science. Trump said Biden opposes travel bans and strategies in China and Europe. They just have a never ending lockdown. When we are not doing lockdown. We are really growing at a rate we have never experienced before. Our plan will crush the virus, Biden’s plan will crush America.

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