Trump may have trouble leaving the presidency, will it be his turn to go to jail!

New Delhi: U.S. The results of the presidential election were announced after a long wait. This time the people have chosen Joe Biden as president. At the same time, Donald Trump lost after a tough fight. Political experts say Trump could face more difficulties after the defeat. It is also said that he could go to jail as soon as he leaves the presidency.

According to political experts, Donald Trump was accused of many scams when he was president. But being president, these allegations remained mere allegations. Because he could not be prosecuted when he was president. Now their difficulties may increase. It is being said that apart from criminal proceedings, his financial affairs may also be investigated after his removal from the presidency.

Bennett Gershman, a professor at Pace University, told the media that if Biden becomes president, there is a possibility that a criminal case will be filed against Donald Trump. Trump has been charged with bank, tax, money laundering, electoral fraud. Some cases have also surfaced in the media. But was not investigated.

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