Trick / Don’t worry if your phone is also stolen, this way the data will be deleted with one click


Nowadays The incidence of mobile phone theft has increased. Especially Delhi Incidents of snatching have become common in NCR. The biggest fear we have after a phone is stolen is our data. The phone has family photos that are at risk of going viral. But we are telling you a trick that can help you delete your data even if the phone is stolen.

Online trick of deleting data

If your phone is stolen somewhere, you can also delete your smartphone’s data online in this condition. This means that even if the phone is away from you, you can delete its data. Let us tell you how


This is the whole process

  • First you open the Internet Browser on a computer or other phone.
  • Here you have to type
  • Now you have to login with your Gmail ID, which is also in the smartphone.
  • You will see three options like Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device.
  • You have to click on ERASE DEVICE to delete the phone data from it.
  • One more click to enter your Gmail password.
  • Now you can delete all your data if your phone has internet on.

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