Tribute to the martyrs on behalf of the Congress Committee at Shivteerth Chowk, Saswad

Purandar: On behalf of Pune District Congress Committee and Purandar Taluka Committee, a program was held at 7 pm yesterday at Shivteerth Chowk in Saswad to pay homage to the fallen soldiers at Galwan by lighting a candle. Sanjay Jagtap
Purandar Taluka Congress Vice President Vitthal Aba Mokashi Purandar Taluka Youth Congress President Sagar Mokashi Saswad City Congress President Balasaheb Paygude Councilor Vijay Bhau Wadne Councilor Nandu Bapu Jagtap Saswad City President Sagar Jagtap Councilor Santosh Girme Vivek Jagtap Sambhaji Jagtap Ganesh Khent Santosh Khopde Activists were present. At this time China’s protest was expressed. Veer Jawan Amar Rahe was announced. Wreath was offered

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