TIPS: Most men make these five mistakes associated with condoms, do you….

Sex is a precious gift from nature to men and women. In every male and female, the hierarchy progresses only through mating. Couples who often do not see more children also use condoms. So new young couples also use condoms during intercourse if they are not planning to have a baby. Condom use is now slowly increasing. Condoms are also used in intercourse with strangers. Condoms are used during intercourse to avoid unwanted pregnancies as well as to avoid sexually transmitted diseases or during intercourse with another stranger. Most people have been using condoms for a long time but you are making the same mistake somewhere but you don’t know it. Here today we are talking about some similar mistakes regarding condoms during sex.

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail

Care should also be taken in breaking condom packets. It is also an art. If you also open a packet of condoms with your teeth or nails, don’t repeat the same mistake later today. You can always damage a condom packet by opening it with your teeth or nails, so be careful and never make the mistake of opening a condom packet with your teeth.

Inspect the condom carefully before use

Before using a condom, check that it is not torn from somewhere or cut when breaking the packet, because if this happens, there is no point in using such a condom.

Use a condom after having sex

These mistakes are made by most men. They only wear condoms after having sex. Doing so puts both men and women at risk for sexually transmitted diseases. So never do that. Take the condom first before starting the sex process i.e. before sexual activity starts.

Do not reuse condoms

There are many such men. In areas where condoms are not readily available, condoms are reused once used. They believe that condoms can be reused if they have not been ejaculated. You should never make such a mistake. Such a mistake can infect both of you or even a pregnancy if the condom is torn during the second use. Use any condom only once, don’t make the mistake of using it again.

Check the expiration date specially

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. After buying a condom, check the condom just before the sex orgasm. This mistake is also more common in men. Once you’ve purchased the finished packet. But after not using it, I used one or two of them. And left the rest as is. Removed it several days later and used it without checking. Condoms will not give you the protection you need due to expiration. And you can become a victim of infection. That’s why you don’t make such a mistake.

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