This year’s budget may be based on the theme of the relief package, Prime Minister Modi hinted

With the speech of President Ramnath Kovind Budget The session has begun. On Friday alone, Chief Economic Adviser KV Subramaniam released the Economic Survey Report 2021. Before the budget session Prime Minister “This is the first session of the new decade and this decade is very important for India,” Modi told the media outside Parliament House.

Prime Minister Modi said, “These decades are full of opportunities for India. The country has a golden opportunity when India can fulfill the dreams of its freedom fighters. So it is important to make good use of this decade. The whole country wants a special discussion in this budget session on how to use this decade for itself. We should have serious discussions about the future preparations of the country. I am confident that we will not fall back on this work. ‘

What did the Prime Minister say about Budget 2021?

On what the budget 2021 will look like, Prime Minister Modi said, “Because of Corona, in 2020, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented a 4-5 mini budget. The mini budgets were announced as separate relief packages. For the relief package, work was done to provide relief to people from different sectors and different sections of the society. I am confident that this budget will be under the same series.

What did President Kovinde say?

“My government is also working on a ‘National Infrastructure Pipeline’ of over Rs 110 lakh crore to modernize the country’s infrastructure,” said President Ramnath Kovinde. For the first time in the country, a production-linked incentive scheme worth about Rs 1.5 lakh crore has been implemented for 10 manufacturing sectors. The benefit of which is being seen in the manufacturing of other goods including electronics. The Rs 3 lakh crore emergency credit guarantee scheme has been introduced for troubled MSMEs.

Announcement of Record Economic Package – President Kovind

The President said, ‘A record economic package was announced to handle the state of the economy. Through the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Scheme, it has been ensured that 8 crore people get 5 kg of foodgrains free of cost in 8 months. With this, care was taken that no one goes hungry. The country’s economic system is recovering after being hit by the Corona. In addition, the government has saved the lives of as many people as possible. This is a difficult time. However, India continues to attract investors from all over the world.


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