This post office scheme will alleviate the shortage of money, invest only Rs.1000 and get Rs.5000 per month

Everyone needs money right now in the crisis of the Corona epidemic. At the same time, people want to secure their future. If you want to invest in it, then the post office monthly scheme is beneficial for you. Only up to Rs.1000 can be invested in it. This will allow you to open both joint and single accounts. With this SIM you can get up to 5 thousand rupees per month.

You can manage monthly income by depositing money in the MIS of the post office at once. The special feature of the scheme is that all your money is refunded after the scheme matures. An account can be opened with a minimum of Rs.1000 for investment in the scheme. If your account is single, you can deposit up to Rs 4.5 lakh more. A maximum of Rs 9 lakh can be deposited in a joint account there.

An account can also be opened in the child’s name in this scheme. However this requires supervision by a parent or guardian. They can then open the account themselves after the child is 10 years old. Full responsibility will be given to the child. The nearest post office can be contacted to open an account under this scheme.

The maturity period in MIS account is 5 years. If you want, you can extend it every 5 years. You must have a one year old account if you want to withdraw money before maturity. In return a fee of 2% of your deposit will be charged. At the same time, 1 per cent fee will be deducted on withdrawals after 3 years.

At present 6.6% interest is being paid under this scheme. If you invest Rs 4.5 lakh under a single account, you will now get Rs 29,700 per annum at the current interest rate. At the same time if you invest Rs 9 lakh under a joint account, you will get 59,400 years of interest. That is, you will get a compensation of Rs 4,950 per month.

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