This is why the offset policy will no longer be applicable in a deal like Raphael, a big decision of the central government

From France Raphael The CAG reported that the offset policy was not met in the deal to buy the aircraft. The government canceled the offset policy in defense deals after receiving the report. Now, if the government of one country makes a purchase from the government of another country, the offset policy will not apply. “We have made some changes in the offset,” said Apoorva Chandra, special secretary at the Center. If one government buys from another government or intergovernmental buying and selling takes place Offset policy Will not stay in between.

Obstacles arise in obtaining technology

The offset policy has so far hampered access to technology from foreign arms companies. Until now, there was an offset policy, so the French company from which Raphael bought the aircraft had to invest 30 per cent of the total transaction amount in the Indian defense sector. Of the 36 Rafale aircraft purchased at a cost of Rs 59,000 crore, the offset clause was 50 per cent capital investment.

Talking about giving Kaveri engine technique

The Comptroller and Accountant General’s report to Parliament said that when Raphael made the deal, Raphael’s company was talking about giving the DRDO the technique of the Kaveri engine. The offset clause of 30 per cent capital investment was to be given to the DRDO under this clause. But the Raphael Company has not yet implemented that agreement.


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