These two banks merged into PNB, hurry up or this money will stop your money


Oriental Bank of Commerce and United Bank of India Punjab Merged into National Bank. Due to the merger, the user IDs of the account holders of these two banks have changed. This means that the account holder will not be able to transact with the old user ID card. From April 1, 2021, the user IDs of OBC and UBI account holders will be changed. You will not be able to use banking if you have not changed your user ID.

MICR CODE and IFSC CODE also changed

According to information tweeted from PNB, Oriental USER IDs of old customers of Bank of Commerce and United Bank of India have been changed. The MICR CODE and IFSC CODE have also changed from April 1, 2021 after the merger of OBC and UBI Bank into PNB.

How to create a new USER ID?

First login to the KNOW YOUR USER ID option.

eOBC customers will have to put O next to their 8 digit user ID.

eUNI customers have to put U in front of their 8 digit USER ID.

Customers with this 9-digit USER ID do not need to make changes.

PNB informed that the old IFSC codes of both the banks were changed. This code will not work after March 31, 2021. Funds will not be transferred using the old code. The bank’s IFSC has to be merged with the bank account number for online transactions.


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