There is no guarantee that the corona vaccine will work or not, the WHO tweaked

The World Health Organization has given a tweak to the vaccine amid the Corona epidemic. WHO President Tredos Adhnom said in a statement on Tuesday that there was no guarantee that the vaccine being worked on for Covid 19 would work.

“We cannot guarantee that the vaccine that is being developed around the world will actually work,” the WHO chief said in a virtual press briefing. We test several vaccine candidates. Hopefully, we will get a safe and effective vaccine. About 200 vaccines are currently in clinical and pre-clinical testing, he added. The history of vaccine development tells us that some vaccines are successful and some fail.

The WHO has developed a mechanism in collaboration with the Global Vaccine Alliance Group, GAVI and the Coalition for Epidemics Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). So that vaccines can be made equally available to countries in need in the future. The WHO has named its plan Kovacs. The WHO chief said that through Covex, the government would not only be able to promote its own vaccine development, but also provide an effective vaccine to the people of that country.

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