The White House says it is the US, not China, that sets the international agenda

The Biden administration has said that by restoring U.S. credibility and restoring global leadership, it will ensure that U.S. Not China but the international agenda will set. It was said that countries like India would work together to shape their standards and agreements globally. Work is being done to advance our interests and reflect our values. The remarks were made in the Biden administration’s interim national security strategic guidance released on Wednesday.

The White House said in its interim national security guidelines that the agenda would strengthen its enduring benefits, and allow it to win strategic competition with China or any other nation. It was said that the most effective way to face China in the long run is to invest in our people, our economy and our democracy.

By restoring U.S. credibility and further restoring global leadership, we will ensure that U.S. Not China, but sets the international agenda.

There were reports that by killing and defending our unique network of allies and partners and investing in smart defense, we would explore China’s aggression and threats to our collective security, prosperity and democratic lifestyle.

That said, the US will strengthen and modernize its alliances and partnerships. It was further stated that we will further deepen our partnership with India and work with New Zealand as well as Singapore, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian states (ASEAN) to advance similar objectives. By recognizing the relationship between history and sacrifice, we will strengthen our partnership with the Pacific island nations.

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