The statement of the organization to MLA Sanjay Jagtap should be raised in the assembly to give hope or justice

Jejuri: Asha employees and group promoters are working in the state under the National Health Mission. The demand for fixed and permanent salary to these Asha employees has been pending for many years and a statement was given to Sanjay Jagtap, MLA of Purandar on behalf of Asha Sanghatana.
There are about 72,000 Asha employees and 3500 group promoters working in the public health department in the state. The health department is satisfied with the work of Asha and the group promoters. However, Asha employees do not get regular fixed salary.
The government does not consider them legal workers.
Asha Na 73 works have to be done through the health department. Health survey in villages, help in vaccination, work of village health committee, taking pregnant mothers to health centers, survey of mental illness in suicide affected areas, from TB, cancer, leprosy, elephantiasis, malaria. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during pregnancy. The honorarium is paid by the government for two and a half to three thousand rupees for doing 73 types of work.

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