The plane crashed to the ground while landing, killing 25 Air Force personnel in the accident

Ukraine: At least 25 people have been killed in an Air Force plane crash. The tragic accident happened late Friday night, September 25th. The plane, carrying 27 cadets from Kharkiv Air Force University and its crew, was on a training flight when the crash happened. A senior official said the condition of the two survivors of the plane crash was critical.

Major plane crash in Ukraine

The Air Force’s Antono-26 crashed into the ground while landing in Kharkiv. The plane caught fire as it crashed to the ground. After which chaos spread on the spot. The fire was contained by officers who arrived after the accident. Twenty-five people have so far been confirmed dead in the plane crash. While two people are undergoing treatment at the hospital. It is said that the plane was carrying Kharkiv Air Force University cadets.

Emergency ministry officials say the plane landed about 2 km from the military airport in Chuo. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is noteworthy that Chuyio is 80 kilometers away from the conflict front where fighting is taking place between the army and Russian-backed separatists.

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