The main cause of depression in Corona patients is loneliness, the increase in death rate being the biggest cause

Patients admitted to the intensive care unit after being diagnosed with coronary heart disease are more likely to die from depression than from coronary heart disease. Patients who are half-frightened by a corona infection lose contact with their relatives on their way to the hospital, leaving them feeling overwhelmed. So there are more cases of relatives dying as a result of lack of warmth than coronary heart disease.

Lack of warmth of relatives has resulted in cases of them dying

As a result of the fear of sending patients out of the ICU ward of a government hospital, patients are admitted to the ICU or their mobile phones are taken away immediately. As a result, the patient first realizes that he has lost the support of his relatives. As a result, they begin to lose heart. Second, even though the staff members are good, patients who are accustomed to the attention of their sluggish relatives begin to feel that they are not being taken care of. As a result, the feeling that there is no one to take care of them in the ICU becomes stronger.

Patients begin to feel that they are being ignored

As a result, many families prefer to quarantine a senior citizen or a relative between the ages of 75 and 80 after the corona positive, for fear that their relatives will not be taken care of. He also prefers to keep his relatives under his care by calling a private doctor at home and treating him and his staff with the help of his team. To get ICU patients out of this situation, government hospitals should also allow patients’ relatives to visit their relatives once a day wearing a PPE kit and visiting relatives. Since they are not allowed to meet and their relatives are not even contacted through mobile, their relatives do not know the true condition of the patient.


The true condition of the patient is not known to his relatives

On one side the patient snorts. On the other hand, their relatives are also worried. The result is a misrepresentation of government institutions providing medical treatment on both sides. To preserve this image, patients in ICU must allow their relatives to visit at least 15 minutes at least once a day. Doing so will reduce the number of objections and criticisms raised against the treatment of government institutions. Because even the relatives of the patients will be able to observe the true situation in that fifteen minute period. Also, as the relatives of the patient are present, the ICU stop associated with the treatment will also provide treatment with alertness.

The ICU stop will also provide alert treatment

Seeing this mentality of the patients and their relatives, the doctors are preparing their team and staff to go for home treatment and visit once or twice a day. Also offers a package of seven to nine thousand rupees a week. The demand for doctors treating patients at reasonable prices is also on the rise in cities, including Ahmedabad, due to exorbitant fees charged by private hospitals for the treatment of corona.

Goes to take care of Corona’s patients

On the other hand, after 8 hours of duty in a government hospital, nursing staff and class four employees, who can earn double the daily salary of a government hospital in the next eight hours, go to take care of corona patients by taking eight hours of private duty. As a result of their overwork, the government hospital patients are not given enough attention as they are struggling to take care of the patients in the hospital. The government should also take specific steps in this regard.


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