The journalist, who was betraying the country, was convicted of passing secret defense information to China.

New Delhi: Freelance journalist Rajiv Sharma, a resident of Pritampura, has been arrested by the Delhi Police Special Cell. He has been arrested in connection with an official privacy act. Journalist Rajiv Sharma has been accused of handing over India’s security documents to China’s intelligence agencies.

Defense related documents were handed over

According to the Special Cell of Delhi Police, the journalist has seized some documents related to Raksha. Independent journalist Rajiv Sharma has been arrested on charges of leaking sensitive information to China’s spy agency. Along with him, a Chinese woman and her Nepali colleague have also been arrested on charges of giving large sums of money through shell companies.

Journalist arrested with Chinese woman

Earlier, police said Rajiv was arrested on September 14 and produced before a magistrate on September 15. The accused has been remanded in police custody for 6 days. Rajiv’s case will be heard by the Patiala High Court on September 22.

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