The investors of this stock became wealthy – got 4 and a half times return in just 10 months

The historic rise in the Indian stock market in the wake of the Koro crisis has seen unprecedented gains in many stocks and its investors have become wealthy. Today we have told you about one such stock. You have heard the name of Tata Alexi, a listed company of Tata Group. Investors in the company’s stock have received a whopping four-and-a-half times the return in just 10 months. If you had invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock in March last year, your money would be Rs 4.5 lakh today. We are talking about Tata Alexi.

Tata Alexy announced its December results earlier this week. Since then it has risen 18%. The question is will this stock rise? Analysts say the stock has become too expensive. This can lead to further declines. Investors can buy this stock in case of decline. Because Tata Alexi is basically strong.

Brokers and brokers said in their report that the stock has risen a lot in the last six months. This stock should be in the portfolio of investors. So they can buy this big stock at every big decline. The company has consistently proved its worth.

The stock currently has a PAE of 52. This is more than L&T Tech Services and OFSS. L&T Tech has a PI of 41, while OFSS has a PI of 17. Tata Alexi reported 40% year-on-year growth in the December quarter. During this period, revenue has increased by about 13%. The company performed well due to the good performance of the embedded product design and industrial design and visualization department.

For a long time, the Tata Alexi performance depended on the JLR’s performance. But, in the last few years it has made new customers. The company’s revenue has grown by more than 10%. Which has also affected its share. The company hopes that it will perform well in the future. Shares of Tata Alexy fell 0.33% to close at Rs 2,569 on Friday.

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